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Swiss rolls recipe

These are super soft and melt in mouth dessert. As these are rolls of fruit jams, these are called Jam rolls or Swiss rolls. Ingredients2 tbsp mixed fruit jam, melted […]

Recipe of yummy Farali Dhokla

Samo/Farali Dhokla also called as moraiyo in hindi is one of the item that is eaten during the fast or vrat in India. Farali dhokla is a delicious variation to […]

veg handi recipe

Ingredients: 1 carrot, chopped½ cup gobi / cauliflower, florets½ capsicum, thinly sliced1 potato, cubed¼ cup peas / matar5 beans, choppedOTHER INGREDIENTS:2 tsp oil1 bay leaf / tej patta1 inch cinnamon […]

Sweet vermicelli recipe

Methi Seviyan is a special dish.Ingredients (used american measuring cup, 1 cup = 250 ml)2.5 tbsp clarified butter (ghee), 1 cup roasted and crushed vermicelli, 1 and 1/2 cup milk, […]

Bhel puri chaat recipe

Bhel Puri is one of the popular chaat in India and it is a delicious mixture of puffed rice, sev, tomato, potato, onion and sweet-sour-spicy chutneys. Ingredients4 cups puffed rice […]

Winter spacial: Matar paratha recipe

Matar Ka Paratha is stuffed paratha with spicy green peas and is a delicacy. This can be one dish meal served with side of yogurt or pickle. Ingredientsfor matar paste:11/2 […]

Recipe: Sandwich cake with ice cream

It’s easy, delicious and not very heavy. Even kids can make it at home.Ingredients10 3 .5-ounce rectangular vanilla ice cream sandwiches1 pint strawberry ice cream, slightly softened1 pint mint chip […]