Use a Comb to Bend Water

This experiment came from my 5th-grade science teacher, and I have remembered it all these years!

Simply charge your plastic comb as you did in experiment 1. Then, hold your comb close to (but NOT TOUCHING!) a small stream of water coming from the faucet.

Then, watch the water bend! It was hard to get our timing right to get a good picture of this one, but if you do it on a very dry day, you’ll get results that will amaze your kids!

The Science Behind These Experiments:

All matter is made up of atoms, and all atoms are made up of protons (positive charge), neutrons (no charge), and electrons (negative charge). The charges (negative and positive) are usually balanced in each atom, and so the atom is not charged. However, when you rub two things together (like a comb and hair), some electrons move from one to the other, causing one item to have a positive charge and the other to have a negative charge. They now attract each other.

Static electricity does not build up very well on a humid day because the charged particles are likely to attach themselves to water molecules in the air.


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