“Magically” Separate Pepper from Salt

Step 1: Put some salt and pepper in a small dish. Stir it together.

Step 2: Have your child give a plastic comb a static charge by running it through their hair. (The book said to use wool cloth, but we don’t have anything wool…) By the way, we discovered that if one person charges the comb and then hands it to another person, it does not stay charged! The person who wants to do the experiment must also be the one who charges the comb!

Step 3: Hold the statically charged comb over the dish, and the comb will attract the pepper causing it to jump up out of the dish! This was really pretty amazing to watch! If you hold the comb too close, the salt will jump up too, so it might take a little practice for just the right “magic” effect!


These donations we use for more experiments for development and give the best training who want to develop own skills.

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