Gluco Health

Gluco Health is a unique proprietary formulation, offers a comprehensive natural alternative for maintenance of normal glycemic health to support and manage hyperglycemia. The ingredients have been extensively researched and found to improve glycemic index and also provide strength to keep body free from chronic ailments of hyperglycemia.

680.00 INR


This is a combination of powerful natural ingredients known to help regulate digestion, flush out body toxins, cleanse and purify blood and help in detoxification and cleansing.

705.00 INR

Vital Complex

This is a combination of powerful natural antioxidantsincluding poly phenol from Green Tea and Proanthocyanidins from Grape seeds. It helps the body fight against oxidative stress and nourishes body tissues.

765.00 INR


Used as hepatoprotective. Widely recommended ingredients that are synergistically combined to provide optimum health benefits.

655.00 INR


This is a combination of powerful ingredients which have anti-inflammatory and bronchodilatory effect. In case with respiratory tract infection with mucus, the synergistic combination of herbs will liquefy the mucus and help in expelling it out.

625.00 INR


Effective in urinary diseases and renal calculi. The ingredients help in dissolving the stones and also help in expelling them. The ingredients also provide symptomatic relief.

650.00 INR


This is a combination of well known cardio-tonic and cardio protective ingredients like Arjuna with cardio supportive Ashwagandha and Guggul.

820.00 INR