UPHINDIA started in June 2016 with 2 members. In short span it increased to size of Ten members. We are dealing with different interesting concepts which will help to increase your  knowledge in beauty & fashion, psychological Issues, Logic’s, first-look, Latest National & International News, CA, Electrical Technology and many more to come in coming days. We want to educate the people of this country in all aspects and we believe that by doing this everyone can learn digitally right back sitting at home or any place.  we are dealing with knowledge related products with nominal amount.

We are here to make awareness and helps you to bring out your inner Potential to the best of yours ability.. This is purely for Educational & Knowledge purpose .

Vision: We want to Develop youth and citizens of this country for Stronger & shining India to get knowledge right from their Fingertips

Mission: We source of quality products of knowledge and daily basis. , supporting our communities and creating meaningful relationships with those around us. We exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together for Better Tomorrow.

Future Prospects: we are in a plan to spread all over Indian regions, so that everyone will get quality of knowledge and quality of daily based concepts which we face routine.

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M Prem Shankar          P Sai Pradeep

Board Members:

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A.Tulasi Ram         G.Chandrasekhar 


M Geethika Roy


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U Ravi Teja          I.Eswar Rao

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D Naga Sai       M.Sudheer Kumar




P.Veera Babu , B.Uday Kumar, V.N.V.Sri Ramya, V.Pavani, Ravindra Shola, Mdv.Prakash, Naveen Kumar, Chatana Muvvala