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Modi government is going to launch one rupee note, know specialty

New Delhi: A new one rupee note is coming to the Indian market very soon. Modi government is going to launch a new one rupee note. However, the printing of these notes will not be done by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), but the Finance Ministry. In this context, the Finance Ministry has issued a gazette notification related to printing. In this new note of one rupee, ‘Government of India’ will be written just above ‘Government of India’.

Along with this, the note will be signed by Finance Secretary Atanu Chakraborty. His signature will be in both Hindi and English languages. A replica of one rupee coin of 2020 series will also be inscribed on a rupee note, it will also have ‘Satyamev Jayate’ written on it. Along with this, ‘L’ will also be written on the numbering panel on it. The first three alphanumeric characters on this note will be written in one size. There will be a numbering panel on the black bar on the right side of the new note. A one rupee coin made on this note will have 2020 written and a rupee symbol will also be made.

The new note will also bear the image of ‘Sagar Samrat’, which will reflect the country’s oil exploration. Along with the rupee symbol, the design of the grain will also be made, which will showcase agriculture in the country. The color of this note will be predominantly pink and green. However, some other colors will also be used on it. The size of this one rupee note will be 9.7x 6.3 centimeters. The new note of one rupee has a watermark of Ashoka Pillar on multi tone. India will be written from top to bottom on the left.

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