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China: Sulfur dioxide levels rise after corona in Wuhan, know what is the main reason

Beijing: In today’s time, every person is upset and frustrated due to the rising of Corona. The world is troubled by the constant deaths and infections caused by the Coronavirus. In such a situation, a picture taken from the satellite has given rise to new fears. According to the picture, the level of sulfur dioxide (SOTU) emissions in Wuhan, China has suddenly increased significantly. It only grows when large-scale corpses or medical waste is burnt.

High levels in Wuhan: According to the information, high levels of sulfur dioxide have been found in the area most affected by Corona virus. It is being claimed that this may be due to the mass funeral. This level of this gas has been found in satellite images in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where Corona was first found. Also, high SO2 levels have also been found in Chongqing, China. It is also isolated due to the outbreak. Scientists say that SO2 is emitted when corpses or medical waste is burnt.

This is how funeral will be done: It is also being said that China has already announced that on the death of Coronavirus victims, their dead bodies will be cremated in the presence of very few people. At the same time, the country’s National Health Commission said that the dead bodies will be burnt by their near relatives very soon. The rising level of SO2 can be a proof that a large number of funerals have been performed in the city.

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