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Hillary Clinton slams 'vile' sexist hatred as she claims she's a 'second-wave feminist'

This year’s Sundance Film Festival saw the likes of a four-hour docuseries featuring Hillary Clinton, called ‘Hillary.’ The series is set to premiere on March 6, 2020, on Hulu following the former First Lady’s days in Yale Law among other things. 

Nanette Burstein, the director behind the upcoming documentary changed the original scope of the docuseries which was earlier set to host footage of Clinton’s campaign. Burstein elaborated on why she expanded the scope for the end result of the powerful chronicle, “While I was watching all the behind-the-scenes footage, I was also reading everything – the good, the bad and the ugly and I realized what a touchstone she is and how she’s always just been at the tip of the spear. I thought that in order for people to truly understand this story and to talk about themes, it was important to lay out her whole life.” 

Among other things in the docuseries, viewers will also get to see two major themes in Hillary’s live – her take on feminism and misogyny. Be it be her decision to go on the campaign trail or how she dealt with the challenges of being a woman running for president . In fact, in a recent interview with Variety, Clinton touched on misogyny involved in modern feminism and when she considered herself to be one.

When asked why it was important that Burnstein, a female director, tell her story, Clinton spoke of the reliability of a woman to social issues, “I wanted to have the best director, and I had a preference for a woman director. I thought, No. 1, we need more women directors. And No. 2, a woman director would have an understanding of some of the issues in a very real way that would translate to the screen.”

Clinton also detailed the first time she identified as a feminist saying, “I have always thought that being a feminist was just absolutely to be expected. Because what is it? It’s the belief that men and women should have the same equal rights in the economy, in politics, in the culture and society. So I never understand why it was controversial. And certainly, when I came of age and started going to college and law school, there were so many barriers to women’s full participation. There were jobs you couldn’t apply for, scholarships we weren’t eligible for, colleges we couldn’t go to. There was so much that said, ‘Stay in your lane.’ And I was part of that second-wave of feminism where people said, ‘Wait a minute. We got to tear down these barriers and try to make sure that the promise of equality is real.'”

At the Q&A following the premiere of ‘Hillary’ at Sundance, Clinton spoke about online misogyny especially focused at women running for president. Speaking on the “hatred for women who seek leadership positions,” Clinton said, “I don’t think it’s in any way limited to women trying to run for president. But because of the high visibility of women who try, the misogyny that is directed not only to women themselves but to their supporters is so shocking. And I remember in 2016 – look, I have tough skin. I put myself out there. I was the one running. But what was said and done to my supporters, men and women – but predominantly women – who spoke for me or proclaimed their support for me, it was just so vile. And some of the groups, like Pantsuit Nation, they had 4 million members. And people were targeting individual members all over the country, insulting them and threatening them. So I’m seeing the same right now. Some of the organized efforts to undercut, demean, belittle the women who had been running and still are running in this election.”

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