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After China, Coronavirus wreaks havoc in Pakistan

Islamabad: At this time, Coronavirus has shaken China completely. According to the official data, so far, about 2744 cases of this virus have been seen in more than three dozen cities. The condition of 461 patients is very serious. At the same time, 106 people have died due to the virus. More than 1400 patients have been found in Hubei alone. As a precautionary measure, machines have been installed at about 387 railway stations in China to check the virus. Apart from this, China has extended all kinds of examinations in all schools and universities. However, no dates have been set for this yet.

More threat to Pakistan: According to the information received, this virus has started reaching other countries also through China. Although various countries have taken measures at various levels to monitor this, even after this, some other countries have seen its patients. While the whole world is very cautious about this war, but the truth is that its biggest danger is more to the neighbouring countries of China. Pakistan is at the forefront. There are not many big reasons for this to happen.

Corona virus spread from Wuhan to Xinjiang: In the investigation, it has been found that cases of this virus have also been reported in Xinjiang province of China. It is the same province which borders Pakistan. This province is about 3000 km away from Wuhan where the highest number of cases of this virus have been reported. At the same time, China is also an under construction economic corridor project between Kashgar in Xinjiang province. The movement of people between the two countries regarding the work of the corridor is common. In such a situation, the possibility of this virus reaching Pakistan is the highest. About ten thousand Chinese citizens are present in Pakistan regarding this project. A Chinese citizen in Multan, Pakistan, has been feared to be in the grip of this virus.

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