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These Finance Ministers made a record of presenting the highest budget

The budget for FY 2020 21- can be launched on Saturday 1 February. This time the budget can also be presented by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Apart from this, this will be his second budget. The budget for July 2019 was also presented by Nirmala Sitharaman. This could be the second budget of the second term of the Modi government. Like every time, this time too, people have a lot of hope from the budget. At many times, the budget comes into the discussion not only for the payment of schemes and for giving relief to the people, but also due to the Finance Ministers presenting it.

The story of the Indian budget is also similar. It adds a name to Morarji Desai. Along with this, he was a finance minister who can launch the budget most often. Apart from presenting the budget, there are many interesting records in his name. The same record in the name of former Finance Minister Morarji Desai: Morarji Desai was the only former Prime Minister who presented the budget the most times, not only that there have been two occasions when he has presented the budget on his birthday. Actually, February is 28 days except for Leap Year, but Morarji was born on 29 February. And he twice budget can be presented on February 29.

Also, the story of the first budget: India presented the budget within three months after independence, but it was not the country’s first full budget. Actually it was a review of the economy. No tax proposal was introduced in this budget as the budget of 1948-49 was only 95 days away. A few days after the first budget, Shetty resigned from his post due to differences with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. After Shetty, KC Niyogi took charge of the Finance Ministry for 35 days.

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