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HR professionals bet on employee experience to increase talent retention: Report

New Delhi: About 77 per cent of the HR professionals surveyed in India said they are increasingly focussed on employee experience to enhance talent retention, a report by LinkedIn said on Thursday

Employee experience includes people, workplace environment, product and process for the individual, the LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2020 report said.

The report pointed out that meaningful insights can help in forming decision-related to talent at every level of the recruitment cycle and therefore, understanding and capitalising on analytics is quickly becoming a must-have skill in HR.

Currently, companies are primarily using analytics to measure employee performance and strategic workforce planning.

Highest globally, 92 per cent talent professionals in India consider ‘people analytics’ will pave the way for the future of HR and recruitment, the report said.

About 72 per cent respondents said they currently use people analytics for measuring and improving performance in HR operations, it added.

The report found that organisations are rediscovering how cost-effective it is to recruit their own people. Internal recruiting helps improve retention, accelerate productivity as well as speeds up the hiring process.

In India, 96 per cent of the talent professionals surveyed said they are placing their bets on internal recruitment (versus 81 per cent globally).

About 80 per cent of talent professionals in India said having a diversity of generations is an important factor in recruitment efforts.

This could also present challenges. About 77 per cent surveyed in India felt that generational difference in management styles is a significant challenge for companies towards maintaining a multi-generational workforce.

The report surveyed over 7,000 talent professionals and hiring managers across regions including India.

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