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Gold Futures price: Gold and silver prices fall, know what is going on

The futures market is witnessing a steep fall in gold and silver prices on Friday. Apart from this, on February 10, 26 minutes on the MCX exchange, gold futures of February 5, 2020 were seen to fall by 0.67 per cent or Rs 270. With this fall, the gold futures price of 5 February 2020 was trending at Rs 40,020 per ten grams.

Apart from this, when we talk about the futures price of gold on April 3, 2020, it is also seeing a huge decline on Friday. The gold was seen falling 0.62 per cent or Rs 249 at 10.33 pm on Friday. Due to which it was trending at Rs 40,135 per 10 grams. Not only gold, but also futures prices of silver are seen falling on Friday. The silver futures on March 5, 2020 on the MCX exchange was seen to fall by 0.53 per cent or Rs 247 at 10.35 am on Friday. Due to this decline, silver futures of March 5, 2020 were trending at Rs 46,133 per kg.

On the international level, according to Bloomberg, gold was trading at $ 1,560.05 an ounce, down 0.18 percent or $ 2.89 on Friday. Also, silver was down by 0.06 percent or $ 0.01 to trade at $ 17.79 an ounce. At the same time, on crude oil, the crude oil futures on February 19, 2020 on MCX exchange was trending at 1.39 per cent, or Rs 55, at Rs 3,986 a barrel on Friday morning at 10.39 am.

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