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JEE Main 2020 Results: What is NTA score, IIT JEE qualifying marks and how to calculate rank from percentile

JEE Main 2020 result is out and now available on Students may please note that NTA has released the NTA score or percentile rank at this point. The cumulative or final JEE Man 2020 Rank would be announced only after JEE Main 2020 April examination is conducted and complete result compiled. Here is a quick explainer of what the NTA score is, what would be the IIT JEE qualifying marks and how to calculate the rank from percentile provided.

What is NTA Score?

To explain it simply – NTA scores are the percentile scores or positional ranks of the students in the examination. To calculate the NTA scores, the marks obtained by the students in the session are normalized against the multi-session papers. This is done based on the relative performance of all the students who have appeared in the examination.

To do that, the marks obtained are converted into a scale ranging from 100 to 0 for each session. Once this is done, then the students’ relative position on the scale is calculated by simple percentile basis. Simply, if a total of 100 students appeared for JEE Main and your percentile or NTA score is 89, then it means that 88 students scored less than your score.

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