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Why social media trolls should stop taking digs at celeb couples

The Internet can be a brutal place, especially if you are someone who is constantly in the limelight. For celebs, every aspect of their life is dissected on social media by their followers that include many social media trolls. However, the question is where exactly a line needs to be drawn when it comes to trolling the stars. 

The reason why we are talking about this issue is the recent engagement of Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya and Nataša Stanković and the wedding of Bigg Boss star Nehha Pendse and Shardul Bayas. Both the couples shared their happiness on social media but became the victims of social media bullying for no good reason.

Hardik was trolled for having a darker skin tone, whilst Shardul was body-shammed by online trolls.

On the surface, it might appear like another case of social media trolling but it goes deeper than that. Belittling a couple or leaving nasty comments on their pictures to show that as a society we are still stuck with age-old ideas of beauty.

If you people are happy together and they are excited to have each other in their lives, it is no one’s concern if they ‘look’ good together or not.

Being in a relationship is not just about what a person looks like, it is bigger than that. Committing to someone is never easy, especially when you know the world is watching.

This practice of trolling celeb couples based on their looks is not just childish but also hampers a person’s self-esteem.

The reason why this needs to stop is simple, who are trolls to call out somebody like this? What gives a person the right to project their insecurities on a couple.

As Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsononce once remarked, “Do not complain beneath the stars about the lack of bright spots in your life”

That should be everyone’s policy in life. So, why waste time in criticising someone for being with their partner when we all can come together and make the internet a more positive place.

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