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Steve Jobs Inspirational Story

Paul Jobs, popularly known as Steve Jobs was born on 24th February 1955 in San Francisco, California, USA. He was the co-founder of Apple Inc. and with his charisma only Apple succeeded in creating pioneered devices which revolutionized the computer field. His contribution to consumer electronic products like smartphones, tablets, and computers is worth mentioning as no other individual in the twentieth century made that much contribution to the consumer electronics field.

The life of Steve jobs is not a cake walk as he had faced so many struggles. He was born to an unmarried mother and he was adopted by Paul and Clara who took care of him like their own child. In his biography, Steve Jobs considered his adopted parents as his 1000% original parents. He enrolled in Reed College and discontinued the course as his parents couldn’t afford the financial requirement of that course.

He joined a much cheaper Calligraphy course and this course immensely helped him in developing different fonts for Mac. Even after the success of Apple Inc. He was thrown out of the company and without any depression, he started “NeXT”. After he was thrown out of Apple, the company failed to survive and in a dramatic fashion, Apple acquired NeXT and Steve jobs once again became the CEO of Apple Inc. He introduced significant changes in Apple Inc. and played a key role in the development of products like iMac, iPad, iPhone etc.

Despite huge success in his career, he was criticized as he didn’t donate anything for charities. He received several honors and awards and he became the synonym for Apple Inc. In 2003, he was diagnosed with a tumor and his health condition became worst and he transplanted his liver in 2009. Because of the same health problem, he died on 5th October 2011 creating a big vacuum in the digital technology.

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