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Conan O’Brien Inspirational Story

Conan Christopher O’Brien was born on 18th April, 1963. He is the eminent American television host, producer, comedian, voice actor, and writer. Basically he is from a large, Irish Catholic family, Massachusetts, United States. He was popular for hosting many late-night talk shows. Conan O’Brien graduated with a B.A. in American History & Literature along with magna cum laude from esteemed Harvard University.

The biggest and the hardest decision that Conan had to make was to leave the umbrella of a medical and law school and step in to the unpredictable world of show business where no amount of schooling can help without sufficient talent. He knew that the path to the top of the show business was not an easy one; he had to find things that he was really good in and stick to those without a doubt. He knew that things could go wrong, but he still took a leap of faith and plunged headfirst in to the cold and competitive waters of show business. Although success was really hard to find and run after in the beginning, he put his foot down and progressed past anything that might have knocked him down.

At young age, O’Brien had a love of comedy which later carried on, while entering the prestigious Harvard University. He was also an editor of Harvard Lampoon for two subsequent years, and he had the credit of doing this as second person after 85 years. He became the president of the Harvard Lampoon in Harvard magazine. O’Brien was a writer to sketch numerous comedy series in Los Angeles then he joined the Saturday Night Live as a writing staff between the years 1987 to1991.

He was an executive producer of “The Simpsons” (52 episodes) from 1991–1993. He has many nicknames like Consie, Coney, The Cone-Zone, Conando, Coco, Big Red, The Maestro and The Conebone. O’Brien attracted many people by his energetic and spontaneous style of hosting. When many comedians and personalities had applied and auditioned for “The Tonight Show”, it was very amazing, the unknown Conan O’Brien was selected as the new host of Late Night and he had no previous experience before the camera. Even though he had struggling ratings of Late Night shows initially, Conan O’Brien conserved his own style of hosting.

O’Brien met Liza Powell, who was an advertising executive; played a role in a skit on Late Night. During the time, O’Brien and Liza began dating, after a year, they announced their engagement. On 12th January, 2002, the couple got married in Seattle, Washington. They have two children. He has done number of elegant and remarkable hosting, which will speak his name for a long time.

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