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Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan says Citizenship Bill is unconstitutional

Reportedly kerala chief minister pinarayi vijayan has made it clear that his government disapproves of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and it will not be implemented in the state. He said in a press meet ‘There is no place for such an unconstitutional law in Kerala. Such a law will not be implemented in the state”. Meanwhile pinarayi vijayan called the bill an effort to distract people’s attention from the economic distress that the country is facing.

Accordingly ‘Statistics and studies indicating that the economy of the nation is in a pathetic condition have come out now. It is to distract the public’s attention from such grave issues that communal forces are restoring to such divisive measures. The british Empire had successfully experimented this in india and it was done in Hitler’s germany too in the past. history has proved that such moves do not last for long. The protest and objection to the bill being raised in different parts of the country is indicative of the same”. Furthermore Pinarayi had called the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill a part of the Sangh Parivar’s move to build a nation based on religion.

The statement said “The Constitution of india guarantees the right to citizenship for all Indians; irrespective of their religion, caste, language, culture, gender or profession. This very right is being made void by the Citizenship Amendment Bill. A move to decide citizenship on the basis of religion amounts to a rejection of the Constitution. The is an exercise to divide people on communal lines”. Moreover Pinarayi said that the Bill was passed with extraordinary haste. “The bill, which aims to enervate our secular unity, was passed by the lok sabha with an unusual haste and tenacity,” he said.

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