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Bharat Bond ETF: Golden Opportunity to invest with low risk, will launch on December 12

Small retail investors are going to get a great investment opportunity. The first issue of Bharat Bond ETF is going to be launched on 12 December. The most important thing is that the risk for investors here is quite low. The bonds that will be invested in this fund will be less likely to default. The Union Cabinet had approved the launch of the Bharat Bond Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on December 4 last week. The bond will be open from December 12 to 20 for the ETF issue subscription. The funds that will come from the investment in this bond will be invested in companies in the bond index.

What is Bharat Bond ETF
It will be a kind of mutual fund, which will invest only in bonds issued by government companies. The bond will be listed on the stock exchange, allowing it to be traded there. In addition, it will have a fixed maturity time. Initially, this bond will invest only in bonds rated AAA. Investors wishing to invest in a fund with higher security and fixed income would be a good opportunity to invest in Bharat Bond ETF. This bond is being managed by the Edelweiss Asset Management Company. According to reports, this issue will be worth 7000 crores.

Minimum investment of Rs 1,000
Small retail investors will have to invest at least Rs 1,000 in this fund. After this, there is a facility for multiple investments. Here small investors can invest up to 2 lakhs. Apart from this, the minimum amount for Anchor Investors has been kept at Rs 10 crore. The Edelweiss Asset Management Company has stated on its website that on 12 December, the window anchor will be for investors and from December 13 to 20, the window will be for other investors.

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