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Haryana Government issue orders to shut kindergarten classes in private schools

Haryana government on Thursday issued orders to shut nursery, lower kindergarten (LKG) and upper kindergarten (UKG) classes in private schools across the state. Sharing the rationale behind the move, Rohtak’s Elementary Education Officer, Vijay Laxmi Nandal, said, “Children should get ample time to play and grow mentally. Keeping that in mind, state government has decided to shut down nursery, LKG and UKG classes.”

Nandal said that a child should be admitted in school only after turning five years old so that his mental growth is fine. “Children below five years of age can go to an anganwadi or a play school where they learn while playing,” she added.

The decision has however invoked criticism from the association of private schools which has demanded the order to be implemented in government schools as well.

Ravinder Nandal, district president, Haryana Private School Association, Rohtak said, “Government schools also have 4-5 yr old students. Order should have been issued for them too. It is discrimination. If the government doesn’t recall the order, all private schools of the district will take to the streets until it is recalled.”

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