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TS SSC examination date released

Hyderabad: Normally, TS SSC examinations commence two days after the completion of Intermediate examinations. However, the officials of Govt. examinations have decided to start the examination on 21st March this year.

It may be mentioned that the Board of Intermediate Examination has already released the schedule of Intermediate Examination. Intermediate I year and II year examinations are scheduled to start on 4th and 5th March respectively.

According to the report published inTelangana Today, the exams for I year intermediate are scheduled to be held between 4 th and 21 st March whereas, II year intermediate students will take examination between 5 th and 23 rd March.

Below is the schedule of examination as reported by Telangana Today.

March 4:Second language paper-I
March 6:English paper-I
March 10:Mathematics paper-IA, Botany paper-I, Civics paper-I, Psychology paper-I
March 12:Mathematics paper-IB, Zoology paper-I, History paper-I
March 14:Physics paper-I, Economics paper-I, Classical Language paper-I
March 17:Chemistry paper-I, Commerce paper-I, Sociology paper-I, Finer Arts, Music paper-I
March 19:Geology paper-I, Home Sciences paper-I, Public Administration Paper-I, Logic paper-I, Bridge Course Maths paper-I (for BiPC candidates)
March 21:Modern Language paper-I and Geography Paper-I.

March 5:Second language paper-II
March 7:English paper-II
March 11:Mathematics paper-IIA, Botany paper-II, Civics Paper-II, Psychology Paper-II
March 13:Mathematics paper-IIB, Zoology Paper-II, History paper-II
March 16:Physics paper-II, Economics paper-II, Classical language paper-II
March 18:Chemistry paper-II, Commerce paper-II, Sociology paper-II, Fine Arts, Music paper-II
March 20:Geology paper-II, Home Sciences paper-II, Public Administration paper-II, Logic Paper-II, Bridge Course Maths paper-II
March 23:Modern Language paper-II

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