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The Mom Store offers maternity wear that is tailor-made according to the requirement of pregnant women

Be your fashionable best and flaunt your motherhood.

Pregnancy is a beautiful period that is special in every woman’s life. The feeling of a tiny baby growing inside you, the fleeting kicks and movements make you fall in love with your little one even before their arrival. While it’s a beautiful journey, it brings along with it, many physical changes. A growing belly, gradual weight gain and within a couple of months, you no longer fit into your regular wardrobe and need to invest in new clothes, and this is what The Mom Store is offering.

Founded by Surbhi Bhatia in July 2018, Bengaluru-based The Mom Store is an online portal that provides maternity wear, including dresses and gowns, tops and denim, nightwear, and nursing covers, along with baby products.

Surbhi decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge when she was looking for pre-requisite pregnancy products, she had to struggle to find a maternity-wear fit for her requirements, unable to find one that is how she decided to sell the ones. She feels that pregnant women have to struggle from their pregnancy to even during their nursing period and have to resort to oversized clothes,”The Mom Store started as an experiment to introduce quality products that a new age, well-researched mom is looking for and soon resonated with thousands of moms across the country reconfirming the need of a good brand to cater to mothers and their journey of motherhood,” says Surbhi.

She further reiterates, “When I became a mom, I had already worked in large corporations for 5 years post-MBA and was in a stable job with good career prospects. The major challenges early on were building a brand, acquiring customers, servicing them and making sure we keep up the rhythm, provide superior customer experience, and get our customers hooked to the brand. There were only aggregators and marketplaces selling millions of kids products, and in this crowded and fragmented space I wanted to build a brand that mothers could trust throughout her motherhood period,”

The Mom Store offers a wide range of products under maternity wear starting from maternity and nursing tops, maternity denim with belly support, maternity and nursing nightwear, maternity and nursing dresses, maternity dresses and gowns for a photo shoot as well as nursing covers to easily nurse in public.

They soon plan to launch maternity ethnic wear kurtas as well. The USP for Maternity wear is that it allows a woman to be more comfortable during her pregnancy by making adjustments that support her belly and as well as help her nurse and support the postpartum body as she gets back in shape.

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