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Now control fan by remote, soon it will be introduced in the market

People usually have to get up and down to turn the fan on the roof of their house. On the other hand, many people want to be able to turn on or off the fan with one voice while sitting in their place. Keeping this desire in mind, the American company Carro has introduced a special Smart Fan. The speciality of this fan is that consumers will be able to operate it under one command under Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Apart from this, the fan will get the option of cool and warm color temperature setting with LED Smart Light module in this fan. So let’s tell you about the price, design and features of the Car Smart Fan …

Car smart fan price
The company has priced this fan at $ 499 (about Rs 35,778). At the moment, no information has been received about the launch of this smart fan in India. According to media reports, this smart fan can knock in the Indian market by the end of 2020.

Design and features of Caro Smart Fan
The size of this fan is 60 inches, with three airfoil blades present. The fan blades are made of ABS plastic. At the same time, the company has given these blades a black color when it comes to the look. For better performance, the company has given a 10 speed reversible motor in this fan, which generates power from 60 to 220 rpm. Along with this, the consumer will also get Wi-Fi support in this smart fan in terms of connectivity, so that it can be run in one place.

Talking about other features, the company will give the consumer a five-button remote for this smart fan, so that it can be operated. Consumers will be able to control fan light on or off and speed through this remote. Apart from this, the box will be provided with fan to cover the installation guide, AC adapter and wire.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will get support
Users will be able to change the speed of the smart fan on or off with one command under Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. But the voice lights will not be able to operate through voice commands. Furthermore, this fan does not support third party apps and IFTTT applets.


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