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Men’s health: Premature ejaculation and common myths and truth

Premature ejaculation (PE) occurs when a man experiences orgasm and expels semen within a few moments of beginning the sexual activity and with minimal penile stimulation

Myth 1: PE can be treated with Viagra

Truth: That is incorrect. Many men ask us if they can use Viagra or Cialis to treat their PE, either because they do not know the difference between erectile dysfunction and PE, or because they are unsure of the function of these medications. Many believe that Viagra and Cialis will help delay their ejaculations, but that simply is not true. Sometimes, low dose anti-depressants may help in PE

Myth 2: PE occurs when a man is unwilling to last longer

Truth: Many women, whose partners have PE, often mistakenly think that their partners are just not trying hard enough to prolong the sex. Well, the truth is, it’s not the man’s fault. He simply cannot control when he ejaculates, and, as a result, is probably very insecure about it. The good news is, however, that PE can be successfully resolved by following an exercise-based treatment programme (i.e., masturbation or full penetration exercises).

Myth 3: Men with PE consider it distressing for their lovers.

Truth: Compared to men, women feel considerably less stressed about lovers’ PE, and when women express distress, it’s almost always a reaction to the suffering PE causes men than to their own dissatisfaction with how long sex lasts.

Myth 4: All men with PE have anxiety issues.

Truth: Anxiety makes the nervous system more excitable. When the nervous systems of sexually aroused, men become overly excited, they often ejaculate before they want to. So, on first impression, it sounds reasonable to blame PE on anxiety and to postulate that men with the condition are anxiety-ridden.

Anxiety plays a role in PE, but men who ejaculate too soon aren’t plagued by it.

They feel sex-specific stress. PE is common in young, sexually inexperienced men who feel performance anxiety. (Will she let me? How do I do this?) If they come quickly during their first attempts at intercourse, they may develop a habit of rapid, involuntary ejaculation.

Overcoming PE does not require a personality transformation. Mostly, men need to slow the pace of lovemaking with the help of deep breathing, playfulness, laughter, check-ins (Is this okay?), and mutual whole-body massage, including genitals, but does not fixate on then. Massage spreads arousal around the entire skin surface, and takes off pressure from the penis.

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