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JNU protest live updates: Students breach barrier, enter Ring Road – stopped

New Delhi: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students have started their march in protest of the JNU hostel manual. In the continued protests, the students have now decided to march towards the Parliament. With the winter session of Parliament in progress, section 144 has been imposed in the area. The protest, however, continues as hundreds of students are determined to take their protest to Parliament.

The initiate dialogue with the JNU students regarding their contentions. The teachers have also urged the students to return to the classes as JNU end-term examinations are set to begin soon. Check updates from the JNU Parliament march today. 

JNU Parliament march live updates

14:19 pm: In latest updates, protesting students of JNU have breached the police barricades and entered the Ring Road area. Delhi Police are trying to manage the thousands of students that are adamant to walk to the Parliament. Ring Road is now blocked by the JNU students as they attempt to march to the Parliament, demanding a complete roll back of the new Hostel Manual and fee hike. 

13:45 pm: Delhi Police expected to use water cannons to curtail the marching students. JNU students have already broken the the barricades at the campus. CRPF and Delhi Police are holding the barricades that stop the entry of JNU students to the Ring Road. If the barricade is brokem, Delhi Police may use water cannons to stop the advent of the studens towards the Parliament. Section 144 is in place. 

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