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Use pickle spices in this way to make boring food tastier

Many women ask for readymade pickles from the market due to their busy schedule. But generally, after the pickle is over, spices often remains. It is seen that this spice starts deteriorating by placing it in the box and has to be thrown away later. If you want, you can save this spice from ruin and prepare tasty dishes from it. So let’s know today how you can increase the taste of other dishes by using this spice.

Bring the twist to the sauce: If you like different kinds of chutneys, you can mix pickle spices with coriander, mint or garlic chutney. Generally, to make the chutney sour, women add a little bit of sourness in it. You can also use pickle spice instead of souring. The good thing is that adding a little spice of pickle enhances the taste of chutney.

Sandwiches will be made and tasty: Sandwiches are also served in the morning and they are easily prepared, if the pickle spices are mixed in them, its flavour becomes different and it also tastes good. If you want, you can eat sandwiches by making sandwiches with mint sauce or tandoori cheese. Pickle tastes good in potato or cheese stuffing as well.

Increase the taste of fried rides: If you like eating fried rice then add a little pickle spice along with vegetables and spices to the fried rice. This spice increases the taste of fried rice a lot and gives you better taste. If you have added spice of mango pickle to it, you will definitely find fried rice very tasty.

Vegetables will also give a delicious taste: Generally, Family members got bored with pumkin or gourd vegetables and if they do not want to eat it, then you can add a little pickle spice to them. With this, you will find these boring vegetables delicious and the people of the house will be happy eating it.

Use in fried vegetables: If the spice of pickle is mixed with ladyfinger or bhujia, then its taste increases even more. Pickle Spices contain many types of spices. The sour and pungent taste of pickle not only enhances the flavour of Bhujia.

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