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Uddhav Thackeray took a dig at Governor over imposition of President’s Rule in Maharashtra

mumbai sources stated that Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray said on tuesday the shiv sena, the congress and the ncp will work out a formula for formation of a government in Maharashtra. Meanwhile he said the Sena also needs clarity on the Common Minimum Program (CMP) just like the congress and the NCP. Furthermore Thackeray also took a dig at governor Bhagat Singh koshyari over imposition of the President’s Rule in the state.

When addressing a press conference at a suburban hotel shortly after a similar presser held by leaders of the congress and ncp in south mumbai , Thackeray said the Sena had contacted the Cong and the ncp for first time on november 11. He said “Just like the congress and ncp the Sena also needs a clarity on the Common Minimum Programme (CMP),” adding that the “Sena contacted the congress and the ncp for first time on monday which negates the BJP’s charge that Sena was in touch with these two parties since poll results.”

Moreover the Sena had failed to produce the required letters of support of the ncp and the congress when it met the governor on monday night to stake a claim to form government. Thackeray alleged “The Sena was invited to stake claim to form government even before the end of the deadline given to the BJP’. Perhaps in possible alliance with the congress and the ncp, Thackeray said he was finding out how parties with different ideologies had forged tie-ups with the BJP.

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