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Nawaz Sharif rejects Pak govt’s terms for his travel abroad for medical treatment

Islamabad [Pakistan]: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has refused to travel abroad for his medical treatment under the conditions proposed by the government, one of which demands of him to deposit surety bonds amounting to PKR 7 billion before leaving the country.

Nawaz Sharif’s treatment

A PML-N insider told Dawn in Lahore that the government’s ‘conditions’ were brought to the knowledge of Sharif by his younger brother and PML-L President Shahbaz Sharif.

‘Nawaz Sharif said these demands or conditions are illegal and can’t be met in the presence of court guarantees (which have) already (been) submitted to it (the court) with regard to his bail,’ the insider said.

Pak Govt granted ‘conditional’ approval

After a long delay, the Pakistan government on Tuesday granted ‘conditional’ approval for Sharif to travel abroad for medical treatment on the assurance that he signs surety bonds and commits to return after his treatment and face charges against him.

Addressing a news conference after the cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, the government’s chief spokesperson Firdous Ashiq Awan said that about ’85-90 per cent’ participants of the meeting were of the opinion that Sharif should be allowed to go abroad for medical treatment provided he meets certain conditions.

The party insider said that Sharif expressed his annoyance over the government’s ‘tricks’ on the matter.

Sharif was expected to leave Pakistan on Sunday. However, his ticket was cancelled as the authorities did not remove his name from the ECL list.

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