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Colours of the season to choose from!

Colours have always been of great significance when it comes to fashion. As of current times, people are shifting from the plain old whites & blacks to embrace fresher and bolder shades.

From chic pinks and bright yellows, we take you through a list of colours that have been creating quite a buzz in the fashion industry. Here is a list of colour that you gotta have in your wardrobe any season.

Living coral

Starting this list is the pantone colour of the year 2019. This bright colour sits extremely well no matter what the ensemble is.

This orange-pink shade can be teamed up with other neutral colours effortlessly.

From dresses to kurtas this tone will look great independently as well. Pantone dubbed this colour as ‘playful’ which perfectly describes as it brightens up every outfit.


While living coral may be deemed as colour of the year, yellow seems to have taken the spotlight to be the hottest colour of the season.

Various hues of yellow ranging from citrusy to mustards to pastels this vibrant colour exude charm. This sunny colour is enough to lift your mood and make you stand-out amongst the crowd. One can incorporate this shade in all it’s glory to create a statement look this festive season.

Shades of red

Red denotes power and passion, this timeless shade oozes elegance. One can never go wrong with this colour and as everyone knows red never goes out of style.

Red has a universal appeal and no matter what the occasion may be, this fiery colour will surely add glam to your look this season. Go red all over although a bold look but is trending. If going all red is not your scene, opt for a neutral colour bottom or the classic red & black combination.


Gone are the days when beige was considered ‘dull’. This neutral shade has evolved beautifully from being used only for formal wear to being adorned for various occasions.

Although this colour is understated, it oozes chic and suits all ages. The best part about having this shade is that it slides into your wardrobes easily as it goes with everything seamlessly.

Beige gives you the leeway to mix and match by adding varied prints, patterns and stylish jewellery to it without overdoing it.

Pistachio green

This refreshing hue saw a great spike in the fashion world this year. Apart from being super versatile, this colour is easy to wear as you don’t have to think twice before combining it with other shades and patterns.

Pistachio green is an effortless shade because of how well it’s complimentary nature. Hence, this shade is a must to add to your wardrobe this season.

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