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Benefits of buying travel insurance, how to avoid claim rejection. Check details

While planning to travel, it is advisable to buy a travel insurance plan. It is one of the no-so popular products in India as people usually don’t plan for unforeseen events such as flight delays, accidents or hospitalisation abroad. It basically covers the travel-related uncertainties and other unexpected expenses incurred while travelling. While travelling abroad, it may be noted, emergencies or unexpected situations can arise anywhere, where you may happen to use your baggage or wallet. 

In order to protect yourself from such kinds of unforeseen events, one must buy a travel insurance policy. Some countries have made it mandatory to buy a travel insurance policy while visiting their country. It may be noted that in case something goes wrong then your travel insurer might reject your claim citing reasons such as mistake in the date of birth or non-disclosure of pre-existing diseases, lack of relevant proofs, etc.

Given below are few tips to avoid travel insurance claim rejection-

1. Do not delay while filing the insurance claim. Insurers follow a set time frame window of claiming to ensure a fast claim process. Filing the claim is just a matter of a few clicks. You can visit the website of your insurance provider and follow the procedure of claim filing. You can even search their toll-free customer care number as well to register a claim. 

2. People often exaggerate the details of their illness, loss or theft in order to claim a higher amount from their insurance company. During the claim process, the insurer may ask you about doctor’s prescriptions and bills. In case of any discrepancy found, the insurer can reject the claim filed by you.

3. While claiming, make sure that you are aware of the claim limit. In case, the claim is made beyond the limit, the insurer will reject the claim. Or in some cases, you will be reimbursed partially. 

4. while processing the claim application, your insurer will ask you to provide all the relevant and supporting documents. Failing to do so may lead to claim rejection. It is important to keep all the bills ready with you. Before claiming travel insurance, refer the list of documents for respective claims mentioned in the policy documents. 

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