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Even in the age of 60, this rose oil will keep you young

No woman wants the effect of old age to be seen on her face. Stains, spots, or wrinkles appear on the skin with aging, but women try to avoid them and look beautiful. For this, women go to the parlor and take the help of expensive cream in the market. Many women also use various treatments. But rose oil can help you to avoid the effects of aging.

Make rose oil like this
Ten rose petals,
-A little olive oil
-A cup of water

First of all, separate the petals of fresh roses. Take olive oil in a glass vessel and put the extracted petals in it. Heat the water in a pot and put a bottle of oil in it. Let the oil bottle remain in hot water overnight. Remove the petals from the oil in the morning and squeeze them. Put the oil from the petals in a glass pot. Now use four to five drops of this oil on the face.

Rose water is very beneficial for the face. Almost all also use it. Similarly, rose oil also has many benefits. The antioxidant element in it eliminates facial wrinkles. Massage with a few drops of this oil daily to remove streaks seen on the face. The skin around the eyes is the most delicate then only the first effect of age is seen near the eyes. The skin here starts to get loose and streaky. Rose oil helps a lot to eliminate these streaks. Being natural, it does not have the wrong effect on the eyes.

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