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Winter diet: 5 health benefits of nuts, seeds and dried fruits and why you should consume them

The winter season is approaching and should hit the northern states of India right after Diwali. Winter season is a great time to build on your health. Foods available during the winters can help accelerate your weight loss, boost metabolism, and also keep the risk of infections at bay. 

The winter season is great to feast on nuts and seeds. While you can eat a few of them during the summers as well, most of these dried fruits produce heat in the body, and it is recommended that one refrains from their consumption, especially in the peak summer season. So now, as you bring out the almonds and cashews, here is what you should know about the health benefits that nuts, seeds and dried fruits have for the body.

Diabetes control

Dried fruits, nuts and seeds are high in fibre content which can help in diabetes management. The presence of fibre in the food slows down the rate at which glucose is released into the blood, which keeps the risk of a sudden spike away. They can also act as a great mid-day snack to keep sugar cravings away.

Weight loss

The fibre content in the dried fruits, nuts and seeds can also help in reducing weight. Not only does fibre aid digestion, which is fundamental for weight loss, it also helps you feel fuller for longer, keeping hunger pangs away. 

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