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Jio Diwali offer: Unlimited calls, daily 2GB data, and lots more

As a Diwali gift to its users, Reliance Jio on Monday released three new mobile recharge plans with charges starting from Rs 222 monthly. These new plans come with free 2GB daily data, unlimited Jio-Jio voice calls and 1,000 minutes of voice calling to other mobile carriers.

In order to avail the new plans, Jio users will not have to buy IUC top-up vouchers for making voice calls mobile carrier users.

The newly released packs are placed in three sections with the same features. The difference is in the duration of the packs, Rs 222 recharge plan is for 28 days (1months) while the Rs 333 recharge plan is for 56 days (2 months) followed by the Rs 444 recharge plan (3 months).

New packs come with the following benefits for the Jio users.


Free unlimited calls within the Jio network. 1,000 minutes of voice calling to other mobile carrier users. Once the mentioned minutes are over, users will be charged at IUC rate of 6 paise per minute.


2GB daily data. Once over, users will get unlimited at 64 Kbps.


Free 100 SMS daily and complimentary subscription to other Jio applications.

The latest pack comes after the company announced that it would start charging for voice calls made to other mobile networks. From October 10 Jio users are paying a 6 paise per minute for their outgoing calls to any non-Jio mobile number. Users who recharged just before the announcement are spared from the charges until their current plan expires.

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