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Hong Kong police fire tear gas and water cannon to disperse unruly rioters

Angry Hong Kong rioters defied a rally ban by government and hurled petrol bombs at police, subway entrances and at Chinese mainland bank branches as well as vandalizing multiple shops. Police showed restraint but later fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse the mob.

The mobs ran scattered as water from the cannons stained them blue-a method used by the police to identify the protestors. It also contains a burning pepper solution. The blue dye stains are helpfull to round and nab the protestors later as they disperse.

Tensions were running high after the leader of the group organizing the weekend rally, Jimmy Sham, was hospitalized by men wielding hammers earlier in the week. In another incident, a protestor was stabbed fatally on neck and stomach multiple times when he was distributing anti-Chinese flyers allegedly by an unidentified pro-Chinese assaulter.

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