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Sound One launches unique detachable Bluetooth earphones in India

Sound One has launched a unique detachable Bluetooth earphone in India giving the consumers the freedom of customizing the earphones as required. It comes with a pair of removable earplugs with two detachable cables. One mode is wireless Bluetooth earphone and another is wired cable mode. This unique feature of detachable earphoneshelps users to switch to wired 3.5 mm jack cable if the battery is exhausted on the go. The cable is made with aluminium coating inside for more durability and longer life.

The wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Version earphone is the best style for sports or the gym as they have the battery on one side and the controls on the other side. That balances out the weight behind your neck so the cable doesn’t pull to one side and put all the weight on the one earbud. Therefore, running & workouts can go for longer to the beat. The polymer 110mAh battery in the Bluetooth earphone wireless device provides 10 hours playtime at 60-70% volume and 8 hours on full volume.

Sound One detachable earphone offers an impressive punch and impact of bass, full and warm Mids with excellent detail. Highs are well extended but not overly boosted. The sound stage is very wide and individual instruments are easy to locate. The earphones are specially designed for HD experience. The earphones come with IPX5 rating water-resistant. The case provided with the set of cable and earphones can be easily carried in your pocket for long trips with music always on the go.

The price of the product is Rs 2,990, with a special launch offer 1690 INR for limited time period. The product carry’s a 1 year warranty and will be available on and Flipkart.

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