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Kidney Cancer Causes, Symptoms And Treatment: Obesity And Alcohol Addiction Could Be The Reason

Kidney Cancer is a disease that initiates in the kidney. Moreover, it occurs when healthy cells in either one or both kidneys spiral out of control and form a lump (also known as a tumour). Renal cell carcinoma is known as the most common type of kidney cancer in adults. The renal tubules cleanse the blood and make urine. With a a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle, you can avoid kidney diseases (including kidney cancer). Do not take it lightly if there is any type of kidney problem. Talk to a doctor about it immediately and get the tests done. Also, avoid the following risk factors.

Kidney disease

People whose kidneys fail have to filter their blood twice a week through a machine and this process is called dialysis. People who undergo dialysis for a long time have an increased risk of getting kidney cysts and kidney cancer. However, dialysis is not directly related to the symptoms of kidney cancer.

Genetic cause

Some people have an increased risk of kidney cancer due to bad genes. Any change in DNA causes the genes to function abnormally. Cancer caused by these causes is called genetic. Scientists are searching for such a gene that is responsible for kidney cancer so that doctors can help in such cases in the future. People who have kidney cancer due to genetic reasons often have symptoms of cancer in both kidneys. Each of their kidneys may have multiple tumors. People with genetic cancer often start showing symptoms at an early age.


Experts say obesity is a major cause of the rising case of kidney cancer. The figures published by ‘Cancer Research UK’ said that in the year 2009, more than 9000 cases of kidney cancer were reported, while in 1975 they were just 2300. Obesity increases the risk of kidney cancer by almost 70 percent. ‘Cancer Research UK’ says that very few people understand that being overweight also increases the risk of cancer.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure can also cause kidney problems because the kidney removes the contaminants from our body. Kidney blood vessels become narrower or thicker due to high blood pressure. For this reason, the kidneys are unable to function properly and contaminants start accumulating in the blood and the symptoms of kidney cancer start appearing.

Excess alcohol consumption

People who consume alcohol may have kidney cancer problems. Alcohol addiction has adverse effects on kidney health, which causes various symptoms of kidney cancer. People who do not drink alcohol have a lower risk of kidney cancer than those who drink alcohol.


If you smoke then the risk of kidney cancer may increase. On average, smoking is a 50 percent risk of kidney cancer. But if your smoking addiction is increasing then this percentage can also increase. People who smoke 20 cigarettes a day have twice the chance of kidney cancer as those who do not smoke.

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