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India created a record on the number of Internet users, achieved this place

The number of Internet users is the highest in India after China, due to which it has reached the second number. By the end of FY 2019, there were 451 million active internet users in the country on a monthly basis. This has been claimed in the report of Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI). It also states that the availability of Internet in the country is limited to 36% areas. With this expansion, the number of users will increase further. According to the report, 38.5 crore out of 451 million users are over 12 years of age. The number of users between the ages of five and 11 years is 6.6 crore, who are using the Internet on the device of their relatives.

For your information, there are 19.2 million users in urban areas. Their number is more than the users in rural areas. However, due to the inequality of population in the city and village, the user percentage of urban India is very high in terms of internet penetration. Internet is not accessible to the people at large in rural areas. Therefore, there is a lot of potential for its growth there. It has been told in the report that in the coming few years, there will be a good increase in the number of Internet users in the country.

Two-thirds of the country’s consumers use the Internet every day. Nine out of 10 urban users run the internet at least once a week. 16-29 year olds use the Internet the most. However, a section of internet users is still using the internet at a level of less than once a week. One in every five rural users falls into this category. About one-third of the users in cities spend more than an hour on the Internet. One-third of consumers in rural areas use the Internet 15-30 minutes daily. According to the report, through better connectivity and service and economical mobile Internet, rural users can spend more time on the Internet.

According to media reports, the number of women in Internet users is less than men. 25.8 crore men are using internet in the country. The number of women is half of it. This disparity is more in rural areas. Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Delhi have a significant number of women users in the states. It is also mentioned in the report that two-thirds of Internet users in the country are between 12-29 years of age. Most consumers of this age group live in rural areas. With this, the potential of Internet development in rural India can be gauged.

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