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Edtech company signs MoU with CIE, Delhi University to promote creative mindsets in schools

The Jaipur based Edtech Company, Tinkerly (Elation Edtech Pvt Ltd) has inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Central Institute of Education (CIE) now known as the Department of Education of the University of Delhi, to nurture and promote creative and innovative mindsets in schools.

The MoU was signed by CIE Delhi Dean and Head of the Department, Dr Namita Ranganathan, and Managing Director, Tinkerly, Vivek Pathak in presence of an associate professor, Dr Alka Behari and other representatives from Tinkerly.

Focus on the development of students:

The agreement, in the form of a MoU, formalises the mutual interaction and strengthens the relationship between Tinkerly and CIE at the strategic and working level, focusing on the development of students, the interaction between students and teachers and the manner in which innovation lab is set up in schools by Tinkerly to establish and promote the ecosystem of innovation at various levels – schools, education research institutes etc.

According to the MoU, Tinkerly will support CIE with innovative teaching aides, equipment and tech platform to establish an Innovation Lab on campus and CIE will provide its academic expertise and resources to measure the impact and scope of the same in the schools at various levels.

Innovative teaching aides, equipment and tech platform

  • Tinkerly is an education technology company that has benefitted 75,000 plus students across 180 plus schools in India via its various STEM solutions such as Innovation Lab, Tinkering Lab, STEM education Kits, etc
  • The Innovation Lab (TIL) programme blends with the school’s existing lesson plan and allows teachers to practically demonstrate typical concepts of science in the classroom. The programme uses a well-researched 5D (See, Touch, Feel, Perform and Understand) pedagogy, which complements experiential learning
  • 21st-century kids need learning suitable for the 21st-century challenges and TIL is the future of how GenZ is going to be taught and to learn, in an environment that fosters creativity and boosts their intelligence.

New Education Policy:

While Government of India is all set to bring out a New Education Policy into action, such alliance will open gates for more industry-academia partnerships in education research meeting the changing dynamics of the 21st century requirements with regards to quality education, innovation and research, aiming to make India a knowledge superpower by equipping its students with the necessary skills and knowledge and to eliminate the shortage of manpower in science, technology, academics and industry.


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