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Muharram 2019 – Doodh ka Sharbat

Muharram marks the start of Islamic New Year for Muslims across the globe. In the month of Muharram, a unique smoky doodh ka sharbat is exclusively prepared, that signifies the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. The agarwood used in this recipe gives it an aromatic touch. Drink this sharbat chilled for that splendid experience and exquisite flavour.

Ingredients needed:

 Milk: 1 Litre

 Water: 2 cups

 Sugar: 2 cups or as per your taste

 Fennel Seeds: 2 tablespoon

 Green Cardamom: 8 to 10 pods

 Almonds: ½ cup

 Cashews: ½ cup

 Pistachios: ½ cup

 Grated Coconut: ½ cup

Along with the above ingredients you also need one coal bricket and agarwood or oodh 1 tsp.

Method to prepare the smoky milk sharbat

1. Boil milk well and cool it to room temperature

2. Dissolve sugar in water and make syrup

3. Grind fennel seeds and green cardamom pods finely and sieve the powder

5. Mix fennel seeds and green cardamom powder in boiled milk

5. Add the dissolved sugar syrup in the above milk mixture

6. Then fennel seeds and cardamom powder add a pleasant aroma to the milk sharbat

For the authentic aroma, you need to heat a coal bricket and add agarwood to it. As soon as the fumes start emerging, cover it up with a clay pot or a vessel. Ensure that you trap fumes inside it for 3 to 4 minutes. Once you remove it from the coal bricket cover it with a lid and pour the sharbat in this pot and cover it back. The aroma of the agarwood trapped inside it will give a unique flavour to the sharbat.

Now add the sliced almonds, cashews, pistachios and grated coconut. Keep in refrigerator. Serve cold and enjoy the smoky sharbat

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