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Walnut Brownies Recipe: How to Make Walnut Brownies

Instead of bringing sweets from outside, you can also make sweets at home. Today we’re going to tell you how to make ‘Walnut Brownie’ as a dessert. So let’s know how to make these recipes.

Necessary materials

Maida – 1 cup 
Powdered Sugar – 1/2″ 2 cups 
Coko Powder – 1/2″ 2 cups 
Olive oil – 2 tbsp 
Milk – 3/4 cup 4 cups 
Walnut – 10 (in pieces) 
Vanilla Essence – 2 teaspoons 
Baking powder – 1 teaspoon 
Oil – To Greece 
Salt – 2 tbsp (for baking)


– First place the pressure cooker on the gas to heat, then put salt on the sole of the cooker.

– After adding salt, place the stand in the cooker, now allow the cooker to heat for 5 to 6 minutes.

– Filter the flour in a filter and remove it in a bowl until the cooker is heated.

– Now add powdered sugar, cocoa powder and baking powder to the flour and then filter the ingredients again, which will mix well.

– Add olive oil, vanilla essence and milk to the prepared mixture and make a thick batter.

– Now take the cake pan and apply it on all sides and greasy it with butter paper.

– Put some oil on butter paper too.

– Once the oil is put in the finished battery in the container, garnish with a lot of walnuts.

– Note that you should not be too thin or thickly prepared to mix with an edge.

– Place the container inside the cooker with the help of a handle.

– Remove the whistle of the lid of the pressure cooker and leave the cake to cook on medium flame.

– You can also open the lid after 10 minutes in between.

– Open the lid of the pressure cooker after 25 minutes and let the cake cool slightly.

– Take out the cake and cut it into your favorite shape after 15 minutes and eat it.

– Your eggless walnut brownie is ready.

– Eat it with chocolate syrup or vanilla ice cream if you wish.

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