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Asteroid Bigger Than Mt Everest Hurtling Towards Earth; Could Wipeout Half Of Humanity

NASA has discovered a new asteroid which is not only gigantic but is also hazardous for the Earth. The asteroid is larger than the Mount Everest and is moving across space with a speed of over 52,000 miles per hour. It is claimed to be a killer asteroid that could wipe out almost half the life on Earth.

Details Of The Observation:

The massive asteroid hurtling towards Earth is dubbed 4953 (1900 MU) by NASA’s asteroid-tracking department. At around six miles diameter, the enormous space body is said to wreak havoc if it collides with the Earth.

As per the calculations made by NASA, the asteroid is expected to skim Earth numerous times in the next couple of years. What’s concerning here is that it will come as close as 2.9 million miles to Earth on June 6, 2027.

The distance is quite small when calculated in astronomical terms which increase the chances of a collision. According to the astronomers, there will be some factors contributing to the asteroid collision with the Earth.

The primary factor which they believe might cause the impact is the gravitational keyhole which might put off the asteroid from its original trajectory. In case, it comes closer to this gravitational pull, a collision with Earth is highly likely affecting over half the population.

Is There Any Protection From Such Space Bodies?

Currently, there is no specific measure available that could protect Earth from unwanted space body collisions. However, NASA is said to be working on a planetary defense system which will protect us from outer space threats. The primary function of this system will be to deviate the asteroids from their original territory and to do so, a large spacecraft will be used to target the asteroids.

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