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This is how you can have fun at your workplace

“Great” companies consistently earn significantly higher marks for “fun.” And when we say ‘fun’, we talk about as an outgrowth of a positive workplace culture and environment. It can be hard to believe that having fun at work can contribute to an organization’s advocacies. Studies reveal that making a workplace fun is indeed an inexpensive idea that helps cultivate morale and increase employee job satisfaction.

Following are the solid and impactful benefits of having fun in the workplace:

This is how you can have fun at your workplace

Enhance productivity:

Fun at workplaces cultivates an environment that enhances productivity, learning and creativity while reducing employee burnout and absenteeism. In addition, doing fun activities will help workers to get rid of work pressure. It shows appreciation for the time and effort employees give to the organization.

Increases job satisfaction:

Job satisfaction results in an employee’s performance and commitment to the job, even extending to his overall well-being. As per the survey conducted by the Great Place to Work, thousands of employees each year rate their overall experience of workplace factors. Among 81% of them said they’re working in a fun environment and they are significantly happy. As a matter of fact, employees are having fun working that they are satisfied with their jobs and the companies they work for.

Builds strong bond:

Doing fun in a shared space helps co-workers to form a strong relationship with each other, teamwork improves. Good relationships among co-workers contribute to a happy office culture. It helps in collaborating with the office people and feels comfortable in sharing the ideas with them.

Improves health:

When workers are happy, their mental and physical health will certainly be good. Happy employees are less likely to get sick. Employees who have fun at their workplace also likely to avoid the negative effects of stress and anxiety. If your workers are generally healthier as a result of the increased fun, they are heaving in the office, and then they will take less time off due to sickness.

Makes you creative:

Creativity is the act of turning innovative ideas into reality. Fin at workplace can foster creativity because a relaxed and enjoyable work environment is more conducive to creative thinking. It gives your brain a chance to make a new connection and visualise things in a creative and different way.

Authored article by Nakul Mathur, MD, Avanta India

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