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Jio and Microsoft join hands to launch cloud data centres in India..

One of the most important announcements from the 42nd annual general meeting (AGM) of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is the partnership with Microsoft. The American tech giant has joined hands with India’s Jio to launch cloud data centres across India. These data centres will be powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. 

“As part of this new agreement, Jio will set up data centers in locations across India, consisting of next-generation compute, storage and networking capabilities, and Microsoft will deploy its Azure platform in these data centers to support Jio’s offerings,” RIL said in a release. 

This partnership will make available the latest cloud technologies to millions of businesses in India, especially the small and medium size businesses. Jio Infocomm has already transformed the telecommunication space and connected 340 million Indian users with affordable and high-speed internet.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “Together we will offer comprehensive technology from compute to store to connectivity and productivity for small and medium sized businesses everywhere in the country. This partnership ensures that more of Jio’s customers can use tools and platforms they need to build their own digital capability.” 

There are several enterprises in India who are looking for a range of cloud-based productivity, collaboration, and business application tools. The collaboration between Microsoft and Jio will help in bringing innovation to Indian SMEs. 

Jio might build a new custom solution on Azure. As this Reliance subsidiary enters the digital transformation services space, it has the capabilities to build world class AI, cognitive services, blockchain, IoT, edge computing to accelerate the growth of Indian businesses. 

As a part of the deal, Jio will also be using Microsoft’s speech and language cognitive services for its ecosystem. The collaboration between Jio and Microsoft will create more avenues for SMEs to usher in an era of innovation.

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