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Tomato is being sold at Rs 300 per kg in this country, you must also know

During the monsoon season, the prices of vegetables are high but even if listening to such high ears, do not believe. Yes, there is a country in the world where tomato is not selling 10 or 20 or 50 rupees but 300 rupees per kg. You will also not believe it, but it is a real fact that even a country in the world where the prices of vegetables are touching the sky. There are business reasons behind this price hike of tomato. 

300 rupees kg tomatoes in Pakistan

In our neighbouring country Pakistan, tomato prices have been increased to Rs 300 per kg. It happened that the removal of article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir baffled Pakistan and announced to break up trade relations with India. After this, farmers and traders of India refused to send their goods to Pakistan. Apart from this, the government also increased the customs duty by 200 per cent and due to this, the price of the first decayed tomatoes reached Rs 300 a kg.

Why should tomato prices rise?

After the business relationship broke, the supply of vegetables to Pakistan was stopped from Azadpur Mandi in Delhi. Ashok Kaushik, president of the Tomato Trade Association, says that 75 to 100 trucks of tomatoes were going there every day from the Attari-Bagha route, but now they have been stopped which has caused price hike of tomatoes. Like tomatoes, the price of ladyfinger is quite high in Pakistan which has reached Rs 120 a kg.

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