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Mabruk Hotel Sahara Star review;

Hotel Sahara Star, which recently commemorated it’s the 12th anniversary of its award-winning Mediterranean Restaurant Mabruk is an absolutely delightful place to dine with your friends, family and loved ones. The ambience right from the entrance to the place where the restaurant is located sets your mood right flooding your heart with anticipation that something good awaits.

Low seating and the spectacular view of the lagoon, the pillar less clear-to-the skydome gives renders a cosy vibe to the place. The exotic ingredients of the Middle and the Far East create a seamless melange of sophistication and elegance of the Mediterranean cuisines. Some of the must-try dishes would be hummus, shawarma, Shankish, tabbouleh, capsi roz and baklava.

This restaurant sashays the richness of the Lebanese culture with its sumptuous food specially curated by Chef Jihad. He creates a repertoire of traditional mezzeh’s complimented by carefully picked soups, an array of flavours, textures and aromas that lingers in my mind.

Editors Pick: Non-vegetarian platter and baklava.

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Located close to the domestic airport, Sahara Star is a pure reflection of Indian mysticism and grandeur of Indian culture. The location of the hotel makes it convenient for travellers to stop and experience the mouth-watering cuisine.

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