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Beware! This Apple iPhone charging cable can actually hack your computer

Next time you borrow a charging cable for your iPhone or iPad, think twice. A hacker has shown an iPhone cable hack at DEFCON 2019, which can steal data from your computer. Called O.MG cable, it looks like an ordinary Apple USB Lightning cable. It is however anything but ordinary.

A hacker who goes by the online handle MG rigged an Apple Lightning cable with a small Wi-Fi enabled implant. Once connected to a computer, the cable lets the hacker run commands as if sitting in front of the screen. The hacker can wirelessly transmit malicious payloads on the computer, Motherboard reports.

This iPhone cable hack lets the perpetrator collect the victim’s password from the computer, and then log back in. The cable implant comes with various scripts and commands that the hacker can run on the victim’s machine. “This specific Lightning cable allows for cross-platform attack payloads, and the implant I have created is easily adapted to other USB cable types,” MG was quoted as saying. “Most people know not to plug in random flash drives these days, but they aren’t expecting a cable to be a threat,” he added.

MG is also able to “kill” this USB implant, which is a good way to hide evidence of the any wrongdoing. The hacker claims to have built the cables himself, modifying real Apple cables to include the implant. MG says that he spent thousands of dollars of his own money on this project. Each cable took him around four hours to assemble. He’s also worked with several hackers to write codes and develop exploits.

While he’s started with iPhone cables, such an implant can essentially be put into any smartphone cable. MG however now wants to get the cables produced as a legitimate security tool.


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