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World Brain Day 2019: Try Shishuasana (child’s pose) to combat migraine headaches- how to do this yoga asana

New Delhi: World Brain Day, observed on July 22, is celebrated to increase public awareness of brain health and neurological disorders. The 2019 World Brain Day is dedicated to raising awareness about migraine, one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Hence, the theme for this year’s event is ‘Migraine: The Painful Truth’. Treatment along with a healthy lifestyle, including regular yoga practice, may help treat and prevent migraine headaches.

According to the migraine affects one in seven people worldwide and it is the most common brain disease. Sadly, migraine continues to be vastly under-recognised, underdiagnosed and under-treated despite its pervasive impact. Migraine is one of the most common causes of headaches that aren’t fully understood. However, researchers believe that genetics and environmental factors may play a role in the development of this chronic neurological condition.

How can yoga help treat migraine headaches?

Currently, there is no cure for migraine, but treatment can help reduce the pain or even prevent some migraine headaches. Generally, the right medicines combined with healthy lifestyle changes is key to successful long-term migraine management. One of the best ways to fight against migraine in a natural way without hurting the body in the process could be practicing yoga regularly. For instance, found that people who practiced yoga besides their regular treatment regimen experienced a reduction in headache frequency and intensity. They also reported experiencing an improvement in vagal tone, which refers to the amount of activity in the peripheral nervous system.

Shishuasana (child’s pose) for migraine headaches

The problem is that some yoga poses can make your migraine worse by targeting tension and stress. Therefore, it’s important to identify what poses you can do to help relieve your migraine symptoms and balance physical, mental and emotional states. Here’s a simple yoga pose that can help calm the nervous system and reduce the pain triggered by a migraine headache – Shishuasana or the child’s pose.

Benefits of the child’s pose (Shishuasana)

  • It clams down the nervous system.
  • It relaxes your spine.
  • It can help relieve constipation.

Also, watch the following video to learn how to do the child’s pose

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