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5 plus-sized Instagram influencers every curvy girl should follow for fashion inspiration; see photos

The fashion and beauty industry has become diverse over the years with more and more plus-size women joining the community. Social media platforms like Instagram has provided a place for many influencers to showcase their style. So, here are some plus-sized Instagram celebs who are inspiring thousands to embrace their bodies. The first blogger on this list is Aashna Bhagwani who is a plus-size fashionista promoting body positivity with her posts. She is bold, unapologetic and often shares her story about body image and size acceptance. She is breaking all stereotypes and inspiring thousands of women.

Nabela Noor is a Bangladeshi-American beauty vlogger who is redefining beauty standards with her videos. The YouTuber has always used her platform to advocate for body acceptance, self-love and women’s right. She has also launched her own clothing brand titled Zeba which encourages consumers to embrace their bodies without conforming to traditional beauty standards.

Plus-size model Neha Parulkar does not shy away from flaunting her curves and encourages others to shatter stereotypes as well. Neha believes that size is just a number and motivates others to keep a positive attitude about their body shape.

The founder of plus-size blog Girl With Curves, Tanesha Awasthi is another blogger every curvy girl should follow. Awasthi’s Instagram is full of fashion tips and outfit inspiration along with body positivity messages.

Neelakshi Singh from Plump to pretty is a plus-size blogger who is inspiring women to accept and appreciate their bodies. She believes that everyone can look good irrespective of their shape, size, gender or skin colour.

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