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Michael Oher Inspirational Story

Mael Jeremy Oher was born on the 28th of May 1986 and he is a professional player in the National Football League of the U.S. He represents the Tennessee Titans and plays in an offensive tackling position. He has received All American honors from the University of Mississippi. His endeavors and his life though his school years and his college years have been turned into a book entitled “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” by Michael Lewis in 2006. The movie, “The Blind Side” to be released in 2009, which won an Academy Award, was also based on him.

Michael Oher faced a lot of difficulty in his childhood. While his father would be frequently in and out of prison, his mother was an alcoholic as well as a cocaine addict. As such, he had to repeat a number of grades and was frequently required to shift schools. At the age of seven, he began living in foster homes and faced alternating periods of living in foster homes and homelessness.

Oher went on to join a Christian school after many difficulties and then began playing football. He was adopted in 2004 and his new family attended to all of his needs. Despite doing poorly in curricular activities, Oher managed to graduate, thanks to many credits that he earned on internet courses. After this, Oher never looked back and went on to receive scholarship offers from many different universities.

Throughout his career in college, he received many accolades and awards. 2009 marked the birth of his professional NFL career. Michael Oher’s tough childhood and his difficult past have been hindrances to his life, but he has always struggled hard and today, he is a well-recognized star. The fact that a book and an Academy Award winning movie has been made on somebody so young goes to say a lot about how he managed to overcome the odds and make it right to the top.

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