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Lisa Kudrow Inspirational Story

Born on the 30th of July 1963, Lisa Valerie Kudrow is an actress, a producer, a writer and a comedian who is most famous for having portrayed Phoebe Buffay in the popular sitcom Friends. She has received a couple of Screen Actor Guild Awards and also an Emmy for her performances in the show. Even apart from Friends, Lisa has won many other accolades and awards for other performances including an Emmy for Web Therapy and another Emmy for the reality show, Who Do You Think You Are.
In terms of nominations for awards, Lisa has received a Golden Globe nomination, nine nominations for Emmy Awards and twelve nominations for Screen Actors Guild Award. Lisa was born to a middle class Jewish family in Los Angeles. Her mother worked as a travel agent and her father was a specialist in dealing with headaches and a physician. Lisa wanted to follow the footsteps of her father and received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. At the age of 16, Lisa underwent a rhinoplasty surgery in order to reduce the size of her oversized nose.

After her graduation, Lisa worked as a part of her father’s medical staff for a lengthy period of 8 years before she made her first break in acting. Lisa has also received credit for research having been conducted on cluster headaches while working on her father’s team. Lisa started off her career on screen with comic acts. However, she was facing difficulty in breaking through the circuit. She was often replaced by other cast members and her roles were usually short lived.

Her first big breakthrough came in the sitcom Mad about You and after this took off, Lisa has only been on the rise. She went on to play roles in a number of sitcoms and has been loved and adored for her performances all over the world. Lisa is a fine example of a fighter who demonstrates great will and spirit and never gives up. Even after being replaced and rejected in a number of shows and after struggling for a period of eight long years, Lisa has managed to shine through her problems and she is one of the most loved and adored female comedians today.

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