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Behind the scenes of Bengaluru banquets

We all know that every Indian get-together is a big gala and food always takes the trophy. That moment when after the wedding functions wrap up and you take time out to reminisce through the event with your family. Those witty jokes and one-line zingers from the most fun uncle or aunt always go well with the best food in hand.

Vidhyuth Raje, gourmet and the founder of SKR caterers, says, ‘When I see clients excited about food, that’s when I especially like working with them. While on the one hand, some of them want to go with something stylish like a buffet system with live pasta counters, and an array of food from golden fried corn/prawn to chowmein, etc, the others prefer keeping the main course simple with the regular South Indian food served on banana leaf and go all out with snacks like chaats and salad bars and the best part – desserts ranging from exotic sweets to natural flavour ice-creams such as tender coconut, custard apple and so on.’

A wedding is a step into a new phase of life and Bengalureans sure give a lot of care and attention to ensure the event is perfect and they become master chefs when it comes to choosing the appropriate menu. So believes caterer and wedding planner Guru Charan. He says, ‘Bengalureans take food very seriously.
They want the best food served. Of late, people have given the traditional food some rest and now prefer fusion food like vegetarian biryani stuffed in capsicum, sweet obattus made in two different flavours. For example, one half in carrot and the other in fig. For breakfast, they prefer healthy dishes like mixed dry fruit salads and so on.’

He adds, ‘Food plays a very vital role in any occasion but when it comes to a wedding, the family starts planning even from a year before the wedding, I have clients come to me with long lists of dishes. Since Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan city, we have people from Andhra Pradesh wanting us to make their famous pappu (a curry made with lentils and greens) and rice. We have clients from North Karnataka expecting us to make authentic corn rotti, and brinjal mash. It is challenging, because the family always wants the dishes to taste like they’re homecooked.’

On the contrary, Jayaker Daniel, F&B specialist and owner of Excel Caterers, believes Bengalureans want to embrace traditions. He says, ‘Nowadays Bengalureans are moving closer to their traditions and culture. They want their food served on a banana leaf. From mini masala dosas to mixed rice, white rice and lentils curry and wrapping up with the classic rasam-rice, they enjoy a full traditional meal. Even their choices of sweet has diverted to old-fashioned options like pheni and almond milk.’

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